The Scottish Context section of the Toolbox has information outlining schools and local authorities’ responsibilities to ensure that learners with additional support needs can access the curriculum. Select here to find out more information.

Technology – in conjunction with other strategies can support autistic learners to access the curriculum. Autistic learners may have good technology skills and feel comfortable using devices such as a tablet or a computer for communication, an educational activity, work related task or for entertainment.

Technology can support learners in several ways including:

  • Social communication and interaction
  • Memory
  • Sensory processing difficulties
  • Fine motor skills
  • Literacy
  • Visual thinking
  • Controlling emotions

Positive Aspects of Technology
Technology can be used as a positive support to autistic learners. The individual needs of the autistic learner are central considerations when determining which device or software is most suitable and practical to use. 

  • Technology allows for adaptability and can increase motivation. The portability of a handheld device means that it can be flexibly used in a variety of circumstances for different purposes
  • Technology can provide a secure, comfortable environment for some autistic learners
  • Technology can help learners to become more independent in work tasks and develop skills they can also use in the wider world. It can be utilised in a variety of innovative ways to enhance the learning and skills development of autistic learners. 

This section of the Toolbox provides some information on a range of technology and communication support which can support autistic learners depending on their individual profile of strengths and areas of support needs.