A free online resource developed to support the inclusion of autistic learners in Scottish Early Learning and Childcare settings, Primary and Secondary schools.


Good health and wellbeing is central not only to effective learning but has an impact on a child or young person’s life at home and outwith school.  

An autistic learner may benefit from support to develop an awareness of self by recognising their strengths and needs, likes and dislikes, emotions and feelings. If support is at the correct developmental level, this can help develop individuals to feel calm or to manage stress and anxiety as well as increase resilience. Some able, verbal autistic learners may also benefit from having more information and discussion around their diagnosis. 

The social and sensory demands of school can be a huge challenge to autistic learners. This can affect their confidence and self-esteem and can contribute to high levels of stress and anxiety. They may struggle with relationships, perspectives and empathy, and issues relating to bullying.

A fuller exploration of anxiety and autism is available in the section Understanding Autism: Anxiety.