A free online resource developed to support the inclusion of autistic learners in Scottish Early Learning and Childcare settings, Primary and Secondary schools.


Children and young people can benefit from additional or targeted support, tailored to their individual circumstances. This could be at any point on their learning journey or throughout the journey. 

This targeted support is any focused support which children or young people may require for short or longer periods of time to help them overcome barriers to learning or to ensure progress in learning. 

Targeted support is usually, but not exclusively, co-ordinated and provided by staff with additional training and expertise through a staged intervention process. This may be by staff other than the class teacher and outwith the pre-school or school setting but within education services 

In a secondary school, this support may be coordinated by guidance/pastoral care/pupil support staff. Some examples of targeted support are below. This list is not exhaustive:

•    Higher attaining children (ensuring progression) 
•    Bereavement peer support group 
•    Input from Allied Health Professionals e.g. speech and language therapist
•    Nurodiverse learners/ Specific learning difficulties 
•    Trauma informed interventions designed for a care experienced child/young person 
•    Complex needs e.g. sessions in a sensory room