A free online resource developed to support the inclusion of autistic learners in Scottish Early Learning and Childcare settings, Primary and Secondary schools.

Professional Development

Professional learning is informed and supported by professional standards and education policy.

Professional learning must focus on the education professional as a learner and how this is related to and impacts upon the learning of all children, young people and adults.

The educator’s professional learning should be informed by the learner’s experience, voice and needs. In turn, the professional learning of the educator should impact positively upon the experiences of learners. 

Professional learning should take account of and reflect the unique circumstances of the learning community. Given the prevalence of autism, learning communities will include autistic learners and therefore establishments and practitioners will need to develop an awareness of autism and knowledge of appropriate inclusive approaches for autistic learners and their families. 

This image is the logo for the  National Model for Professional Learning

The National Model for Professional Learning highlights that professional learning and development can take many forms. The Autism Toolbox is a resource which can be used for:

  • Professional Learning for individual practitioners 
  • Professional learning for collegiate and in-set activities 
  • Annual professional reviews 
  • General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS) Professional Update and Professional Recognition
  • Initial Teacher Education
  • Advanced study in autism and inclusive practice

Select here to download an overview of the National Model of Professional Learning. 

Select here to download the detailed poster of the National Model of Professional Learning.

Further information on the National Model of Professional Learning can be found on the National Improvement Hub.

Within this section of the Toolbox there are a number of free resources to support practitioners with their professional learning and development in autism and inclusive practice. A selection of -Professional Reflection and Planning Tools are below.