A free online resource developed to support the inclusion of autistic learners in Scottish Early Learning and Childcare settings, Primary and Secondary schools.

Free Online Learning Modules

A suite of free online learning modules, which support GTC Scotland Professional Standards, Professional Update and Professional Recognition, have been developed in support inclusive education. The modules are primarily for teachers, school management and GTCS registered local authority education officers. 

Education Scotland Inclusion Collection  online modules

Aims of the modules:

  • Provide free professional learning set within the context of the Scottish legislative and policy educational framework
  • To inform practitioners about ways in which they might engage in meaningful career-long professional learning in order to improve outcomes for children, young people and adults 
  • Provide free and accessible opportunities to engage with professional learning
  • To support deeper learning and understanding of additional support needs and inclusive practice
  • Provide opportunities for practitioners to reflect on their practice regarding additional support needs and inclusion
  • To encourage all practitioners to be familiar with, make appropriate use of and encourage those working with adults to be aware of the range of free resources which are available
  • To support teachers in achieving professional recognition for areas of enhanced accomplishment in their professional practice and to support those working with adults in their continuing professional development.

The modules are hosted on the Open University OpenLearn Create platform. Mozilla Open Badges are available for those completing the modules. They are available to anyone to complete and are free of charge.

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This module provides educational practitioners and local authorities with an introduction to inclusion and equality set within the context of Scottish education. The module and activities will support practitioners to develop an:

  • Understanding of the education context in Scotland of inclusion and equality
  • Awareness of additional support needs and inclusion
  • Awareness of how to deliver child centred approaches within the Scottish legislative framework
  • Awareness of universal and targeted support
  • Awareness of information and approaches which support inclusive education.

This module been also designed to support teachers meet the GTCS standards for Professional Learning, annual reviews and Professional Update.

Further information and a link to the module can be found on the National Improvement Hub page.

This module provides educational practitioners in secondary schools and local authorities. It is based on The CIRCLE Framework, a collaboration between practitioners in Edinburgh City Council, Queen Margaret University and NHS Lothian, that has been adapted for modular learning by Education Scotland.  

It offers practical advice on how to meet the needs of individual learners and supports practitioners to develop collaborative approaches and share good practice.

After studying this module practitioners will have:

  • An understanding of how to promote effective inclusive practice using the CIRCLE Framework of inclusion
  • An awareness of how to promote a learner centred approach where learners are listened to and involved in the management of their own learning
  • An awareness of documentation to evidence assessment and input.

Further information and a link to the module can be found on the National Improvement Hub page.

Introduction to Autism and Inclusive Education.

Inclusion in Practice: The CIRCLE Framework –  Primary